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South Florida Channel Letters


First impressions are crucial in building a strong following and strengthening a brand in business. This is why businesses often spend a lot of money on creating attractive and memorable storefront signs that draw people in. However, most signs usually come in large sizes, which take up much space once installed. Fortunately, there are compact signs that can also make an impressive statement for your brand, and channel letters are at the top of this list.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Channel letters and their variant, dimensional letters, are often preferred by businesses because they are very versatile and do not take up much space. Whether you plan to use them as a storefront sign or as part of your indoor display, channel and dimensional letters can be personalized to achieve the right look and accentuate your space.

If you want to get your own South Florida channel letters, look no further, as Cruz Signs can make it happen! We are a reputable South Florida sign company that has handled signage requests for all sorts of businesses and provides personalized service every time. Our team will work with you to achieve your ideal sign design while ensuring it is within your budget and deadline. You can even trust us with installation and maintenance, ensuring you don’t have to find another sign company to help you with your signs!

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Storefront Channel Letters

Channel letters are essentially three-dimensional pieces, which can be letters, numbers, or shapes, crafted from metal, acrylic, or plastic.

Custom Channel Letter SignThese pieces are then installed together, either by directly mounting them to the wall or by mounting them on a frame, to spell out business names, slogans, or key locations. A layer of acrylic on the front surface of each channel letter can be added to introduce color, opacity, and other unique visual elements.

At Cruz Signs, we make it easy to get your channel letters explicitly tailored to your brand and vision. Whether you want them to spell your business name or create your ideal image, we can customize each letter to the correct color, shape, size, and material to suit your preferences. Each letter is crafted in-house by our experienced sign makers, ensuring high quality without exceeding your project’s budget.

Channel letters can be used as storefront signs for businesses and public institutions.

Dimensional Letters

Although they look similar to channel letters and use similar materials, dimensional letters have a different structure that gives them their unique look. Channel letters often have a hollow interior and are made from individual components. In contrast, dimensional letters are made from one solid body, giving them a more durable appearance and seamless finish.

Storefront Sign

The difference is also visible when it comes to illumination. Channel letters use internal lighting for each element, while dimensional letters use backlighting or front lighting to highlight the sign itself.

Cruz Signs’s talented team of sign makers can customize your dimensional letters to your exact specifications. Whether you want a specific font style, opacity, or design, we will ensure that the final product is true to your brand and something you can be proud of. We can adjust each element to achieve your dream design.

Our dimensional letters can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications for any type of business. They are typically used to enhance the ambiance and provide additional information to visitors.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Businesses love channel and dimensional letters for their versatility and ease of illumination with electronic lighting. These signs are perfect for nighttime applications and low-visibility conditions.

Lighted Sign

Our South Florida sign company uses the latest LED lights to illuminate our channel and dimensional letters. LED lights ensure that the signs shine brilliantly at any time while remaining energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, even with prolonged use.

At Cruz Signs, we have the latest equipment and in-house facilities to complete your South Florida channel letters or dimensional letters entirely in-house. From design to the features you want to include, we use the best materials on the market to ensure the highest quality.

We highly recommend backlit or illuminated channel letters for businesses with evening operations, such as gas stations, restaurants, theaters, and convenience stores.

Complete Commercial Signage

Whether you need personalized South Florida channel letters or other business signs, Cruz Signs won’t disappoint. Our sign company is dedicated to fulfilling all your signage needs and ensuring they suit your intended application and branding. We deliver reliable and beneficial signs for business operations wherever they are installed.

Once you contact us, you don’t have to worry about handling any aspect of the sign project. Let our signage experts know what you need, and our team will take care of the rest. Trust us to incorporate your requests into the design and complete your signage promptly. We also have a team that can help you manage and repair your signs, reducing the need for stress as you use them.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

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Having an eye-catching sign with your business name is essential, but it’s equally important that it complements your space and aligns with your vision. With Cruz Signs‘s customized channel letters, you can ensure that your business stands out while reflecting your unique brand identity.

Explore our signage services today by contacting our hotline. Our team of signage experts is ready to address your inquiries and assist you in acquiring personalized channel or dimensional letters for your business.

Call Cruz Signs at (305) 709-4982 for your Free Consultation with a South Florida Channel Letter expert!