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Coronavirus Signage
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South Florida Coronavirus Signage

For every company type, the correct mix of signage will drastically influence your brand presence, margins, and customer and staff happiness, especially during these challenging times. From assisting customers with instinctive wayfinding and facility navigation to encouraging staff safety, your sign and graphic blend support safe and profitable business operations.


Enlisting the support of a specialist makes finding the perfect indoor sign elements easy. Your commercial marketing objectives and goals, how customers and guests utilize and navigate your business facilities, relevant Florida sign and graphic laws and regulations, and how often you expect to modify your signage mix can all impact the type and number of signs you need for an effective workplace.

Cruz Signs not only manufactures long-lasting signage, we understand how effective signs and graphics can help to support the flow of foot traffic through a business, inspire or protect your personnel, and make sure your brand is in the forefront. By manufacturing high-quality, attention-grabbing signage components that are designed specifically for your requirements, company, and location, our experts help you get your business or organization to a higher rung.

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Wayfinding & Safety Hospital Signs

South Florida Coronavirus Signage indoor lobby bilingual wayfinding signage 256x300

When your hospital is facing a national medical emergency like Covid-19, it is very important that both patients and hospital staff can effortlessly determine where they need to go and how for getting there. Precise navigation assistance, important details, and warnings must start prior to a patient ever stepping into the medical facility. The ability to reduce interpersonal contact is the reason why hospital signs and well-placed navigational signs are so incredibly valuable. Result-oriented signage supports more streamlined facility navigation, works as an important reminder to comply with healthier hygiene practices, and decreases the danger of further spreading the virus by cutting down on personal interactions.

Distinctly distinguish recommended parking areas and provide incoming traffic by providing informative support utilizing functional hospital signage elements by Cruz Signs. To increase your sign visibility at all hours, we provide highly reflective signage. Interior hospital signs can include more hand washing notices, reminders of enhanced security and safety practices and procedures, and additional directional assistance signs to help minimize human communication.

Whether you need to assist with easy parking or help keep returning patients who are there for illnesses other than coronavirus continue to be uninfected, supportive sign elements can help you with cutting down on concerns to you, your reliable team of medical care experts, and your patients who trust you to provide care.

Assisted Living & Nursing Home Signage

Custom safety floor graphics

When faced with a global healthcare emergency situation, including the coronavirus, in particular Covid-19, it’s important that new residents and hospital employees can quickly and easily understand how to best navigate your facilities. Eye-catching directions, instructions, and warnings ideally should start before your patient ever steps into the nursing home or assisted living facility.

This explains why nursing home signs and intuitive navigational signs are so essential. The most effective signage supports faster patient service, function as a reminder to embrace healthier hygiene habits, and decrease the danger of spreading infection by reducing in-person contact.

Interior nursing home signage can be as uncomplicated as more hand washing signs, important reminders of increased safety and security practices, and additional directional signage elements in order to cut down on human communication. Supportive signage can help you with decreasing risks to you, your committed staff of medical care professionals, and your patients.

Business Update Signage

Hours of Operation Sign

Do you need to make critical modifications to your operating hours or the way your business operates for reducing the spread of the coronavirus? Eye-catching, practical signs, graphics, and displays help your potential shoppers understand what they need to do in order to take advantage of your product and service blend while facing the current stipulations.

You might need to redirect your clients to the drive-thru or pick-up location, supply updated hours of operation details, or share new contact details your clients can use to reach you if your physical location is not available for drop-in traffic, Cruz Signs delivers the impactful signage elements you demand.

Our experts are able to offer reduced exposure new signage solutions, which means we can create and deliver your requested signage products, including installation at your location, without any in-person contact. As government recommendations can change fairly quickly as a response to Covid-19, we are offering prompt turn-around on basic informative signage. When we have you set up as a client, we will be able to efficiently produce up-to-date signage elements with little more than an email or brief phone call with the needed modifications.

Every Sign Your Business Needs!

custom vinyl wall mural install

You can count on Cruz Signs to provide professional, branded commercial signage. If you need updated or temporary signage to tell visitors about your hours, new or updated contact details, or other important business and operational information that may require modifications during Covid-19, or are utilizing the quiet to arrange for new signs and graphics to be in position once you reopen your facilities, Cruz Signs provides the assistive signage elements you want.

From point of purchase signs to trade show displays, our experts know the distinct and specific needs of different business verticals. Our team factors in your physical space and facilities here in South Florida, brand personality and guidelines, and organizational objectives in order to manufacture the most suitable combination of signs for your business needs.

If you need just a single graphic or a complete combination of commercial and promotional sign elements, Cruz Signs will organize the whole custom signage project for you.

Our commercial sign services include:

Free Expert Signage Consultation

Cruz Signs is here to support as we all navigate this complicated period in time. Our reliable, dependable team is prepared to develop the custom, high-quality commercial signs necessary to improve customer support, product and service promotion, wayfinding, or brand reinforcement.

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