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Dimensional Letters
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South Florida Dimensional Letters


Are you searching for a dynamic and versatile sign for your business that wonโ€™t occupy a lot of space yet will create a one-of-a-kind impression? Dimensional letters might be the solution you’re seeking, and Cruz Signs can craft them for your brand.

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Dimensional letters represent another form of 3D sign suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Unlike their counterpart, channel letters, dimensional letters are crafted from a single solid material, embodying the elements that compose the businessโ€™ name, slogan, or other design aspects you wish customers to associate with your brand. Additionally, you can opt to install lighting with your dimensional letters to enhance their impact.

Cruz Signs produces professionally crafted and customized dimensional letters in South Florida, all tailored to the clientโ€™s specifications. We employ high-quality materials for all our signs, ensuring reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. Even if you’re working within a budget, our South Florida sign company will deliver top-quality signs to elevate your business.

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Appealing Storefront Signage

Once installed in your space, dimensional signs add depth to the building, making it hard to miss and enhancing the overall appearance.

custom outdoor restaurant signs

In addition to storefront signs, dimensional letters can be used in various ways, such as message boards, pole signs, and monument signs. They can also be customized with different lighting options, including backlighting, spotlights, and illuminations. Cruz Signs can ensure that your dimensional letters align with your vision and are easily visible to your target audience.

Interested in using existing designs for your dimensional letters? Let us know, and our South Florida sign company can review them and make any necessary adjustments to ensure they complement your outdoor setup seamlessly.

Attractive Indoor Lettering

Your requested South Florida dimensional letters can also be employed indoors, contributing to the creation of an inviting environment for your customers to appreciate while exploring your offerings.

Custom dimensional letter lobby sign

These signs serve various purposes indoors, from lobby signage to wayfinding aids, or even as captivating artistic installations to enhance vacant spaces. Additionally, you can customize these dimensional letters with features such as lighting or specific materials to augment their appeal.

Our dimensional letter offerings extend beyond just letters; we also craft numbers, images, and symbols to perfectly represent your brand. Furthermore, you can rely on us to seamlessly integrate your dimensional letters with your other indoor displays. Crafted from high-quality materials, they require minimal maintenance and will be strategically positioned to maximize their impact.

Durable Dimensional Letters

At Cruz Signs, we understand the importance of ensuring that every investment, such as dimensional letters, generates returns for your business. If a sign fails to attract traffic and requires frequent repairs or maintenance, it becomes a costly business expense.

indoor lobby dimensional signage

When you choose personalized South Florida dimensional letters from us, we guarantee reliability and effectiveness for your intended application. Using the latest manufacturing and installation techniques, along with proven materials such as vinyl, PVC, and coroplast, we ensure that each sign we produce is durable and requires minimal maintenance.

Curious about the materials we work with or how to initiate the process of obtaining your own durable dimensional letters? Our companyโ€™s graphic design specialists can recommend suitable materials and provide insights into their advantages and disadvantages. Once you’ve selected the material of your choice, we will proceed with crafting your durable dimensional letters.

Full-Service Sign Company

As a business, the multitude of sign options available for representing your brand can feel overwhelming. However, by partnering with an experienced sign company like Cruz Signs, you can alleviate the burden of weighing the pros and cons of each type of sign.

custom outdoor dimensional signs

At Cruz Signs, our team comprises skilled sign experts who offer informed advice and valuable assistance throughout the sign manufacturing process. We showcase sample designs of our work to inspire ideas for your signs and can adapt your existing designs to suit your chosen sign setup. Furthermore, our team goes the extra mile by conducting on-site visits to determine the best sign placement and recommend complementary sign types to accompany your dimensional letters.

Rest assured, you need not fret over other aspects of the sign-making process. We boast dedicated teams capable of handling installation, maintenance, and repairs for your signs whenever necessary.

Free Dimensional Letters Consultation

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As a business, finding ways to stand out is crucial to staying competitive in your respective markets. Having dimensional letters in your roster should help with this step, but they must be made by a sign company that shares your vision for your brand.

Cruz Signs is always ready to listen to your ideas and transform them into perfect dimensional letters that will surely wow the crowd and bring your business success. All you need to do is reach out to us through our hotline to get started, and weโ€™ll take care of the rest!

Call Cruz Signs at (305) 709-4982 for your Free Consultation with a South Florida Dimensional Letter expert!