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South Florida Pylon Signs


Visibility is the key to effective marketing and should be the goal of any company that wants to succeed. Among the various instruments available, one stands out for its exceptional capacity to enhance visibility: the pylon sign. Pylon signs have proven to be successful; research from the University of Cincinnati shows they can increase a company’s revenue by an astounding 15 percent.

custom tenant pylon sign

At Cruz Signs, we have continuously witnessed the revolutionary impact of pylon signs. These effective instruments have been utilized by our clients with great success, solidifying our position as a top supplier of signage. Leveraging modern machinery and extensive experience, we produce industry-leading signs with unrivaled quality. Our expertise lies in creating outstanding pylon signs, and we take pride in offering robust, imaginative solutions at the most affordable costs.

Your company is unique, with specific demands and objectives. By choosing to partner with us, you’ll receive personalized advice and tailored solutions designed to meet your needs. We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, whether it’s through vibrant, eye-catching designs or functional elements like lighting or multi-tenant signage for business parks.

Choosing Cruz Signs as your partner for premium South Florida pylon signs and other signage products will not disappoint. We are committed to helping your company achieve greater success through enhanced visibility and powerful branding, all while maintaining our unwavering dedication to excellence.

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Illuminated Sign Boxes

In today’s fiercely competitive industry, upgrading to electronic lighting in signage can significantly enhance a business’s marketing prowess.

pylon illuminated sign boxes

Among various types of pylon signs, illuminated sign boxes stand out as exceptional attention-grabbers.

Sign boxes with integrated lighting offer businesses a versatile platform to showcase vital information such as names, brands, and messages. At Cruz Signs, we specialize in a wide array of options for illuminated signs. Our product range includes permanent channel letters, multi-layered LED signs, neon lighting, personalized steel cabinets, and replaceable sign faces.

Count on Cruz Signs to deliver LED signs that are not only exceptionally durable but also of the highest quality. We provide unmatched artistic flexibility in crafting your signage, ensuring that the color palette, form, dimensions, and design align precisely with your vision. We pledge to execute your concept with precision and brilliance.

Affordable Tenant Signs

We offer the most affordable signage options that nevertheless make a big impression.

custom tenant sign

While these alternatives may not match the evening brilliance of illuminated signs, our reasonably priced tenant signs are incredibly effective at promoting your business and capturing public attention.

Among our top picks is the conventional road sign, boasting a sturdy steel frame and aluminum sides. These signs feature interchangeable faces, allowing you to display any text or image of your choice.

Designed for maximum endurance and durability, our signs ensure continuous visibility and impact. They can be mounted on one or more steel poles. Count on us to provide cost-effective and highly efficient signage solutions.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

It’s essential to consider that South Florida pylon signs are predominantly situated outdoors, exposed to the unpredictable elements of wind, sun, and rain. Therefore, durability is paramount for these signage structures.

custom pylon sign

At Cruz Signs, we prioritize durability in the creation and installation of pylon signs and other products. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each component surpasses industry standards for durability. Our products, whether featuring sturdy cabinets made from steel, aluminum tubing, aluminum extrusions, or sign faces crafted from polycarbonate, acrylic, or vinyl, are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Concerned about outdoor digital message boards? Rest assured, we possess the expertise and cutting-edge equipment to safeguard these products from the elements. Our advanced displays are equipped with damage-resistant and waterproofing features, ensuring they continue to function effectively, regardless of nature’s challenges.

Choose Cruz Signs for signage solutions that maintain visibility in all weather conditions, combining quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.

Full-Service Sign Company

Our South Florida sign company has established itself as a reliable leader in the sign industry through years of meticulous workmanship and process improvement.

Outdoor Tenant Pylon Sign

We have gained the trust and loyalty of many customers by consistently producing strong, superior signage carefully designed to complement each company’s distinct branding and visual character.

Cruz Signs‘s all-encompassing, full-service approach is what sets us apart. With cutting-edge facilities, modern machinery, and a staff of knowledgeable signage specialists, we handle every aspect of your project internally. We offer a comprehensive range of sign-related services, from design and manufacturing to installation and repair.

Our staff is dedicated to addressing your concerns and providing the best advice and expertise throughout our partnership. At every stage, whether collaborating with our engineers, project managers, graphic designers or sign installers, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Free Pylon Signs Consultation

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Cruz Signs is your go-to source for a wide range of decorative, auxiliary, and promotional signs, as well as an extensive array of outdoor signage solutions. South Florida pylon signs, vinyl clings, lobby signs, and a variety of other signage materials are available here, all painstakingly crafted to the highest possible quality standards.

Whether you oversee a commercial park with several firms needing different signage or manage a hospital seeking increased visibility, we are dedicated to understanding your specific requirements and providing tailored solutions. Regardless of your company’s nature or sector, our mission is to assist you in creating a striking visual statement that resonates with your target market.

Choose Cruz Signs to enhance your brand’s visibility with superior signage that combines impact, creativity, and durability.

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