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Vehicle Decals
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South Florida Vehicle Decals


Vehicle decals are a clever and affordable way to promote your business.

custom vinyl vehicle graphics

According to the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement, vehicle graphics can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily, costing just $0.77 per thousand impressions. Additionally, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America states that 96% of people find mobile graphics more engaging than traditional ads.

These numbers confirm that vehicle decals can help your business reach a broader audience by surpassing the limitations of static signs.

So, here’s the offer: South Florida vehicle decals from Cruz Signs are the top choice if you’re seeking an effective and budget-friendly advertising option. We are a full-service sign company that excels in creating standout vehicle decals in South Florida. Designing and applying these graphics requires skill and experience, qualities our experts possess in abundance.

We’re excited to work with you to create a decal that perfectly captures your business’s message and fits your budget, whether for a car, truck, or van.

For the best vehicle decals in South Florida, turn to Cruz Signs!

Call Cruz Signs today at (305) 709-4982 for your Free Consultation with a South Florida Vehicle Decal expert!

Maximize Your Advertising Space

Looking to maximize your vehicle’s advertising potential? Strategic design placement is crucial for balancing visibility with safety, particularly in challenging areas like side and rear windows. You shouldn’t have to choose between a stunning design and clear visibility for the driver.

custom vinyl car window graphics

That’s where we come in at Cruz Signs. We specialize in transforming vehicles into prime advertising canvases. Our top-notch perforated decals make those windows ideal for eye-catching designs, all while preserving the driver’s sight.

Plus, these decals offer more than just aesthetic appeal. They effectively manage harsh light, reducing glare and shadows, while also enduring various weather conditions with minimal maintenance.

Ready to elevate your fleet into rolling marketing powerhouses? Our perforated decals provide maximum impact without compromising safety or the driver’s line of sight. Let’s put those wheels to work for you!

Give Your Vehicle a Customized Look

Cruz Signs understands the importance of consistent branding, especially when your business relies on vehicles for daily operations. We specialize in creating top-notch vehicle decals tailored to the needs of South Florida, ensuring your brand travels wherever your vehicle goes.

car vinyl hood decal

Our expertise in sign-making means we understand the value of a unified brand identity. That’s why our clear vehicle decals are a game-changer. They’re transparent in non-printed areas, giving you the freedom to customize the size, placement, and overall appearance. The result? A sleek, professional look reminiscent of die-cut vinyl lettering but without breaking the bank.

Have a design ready to go? Just send us the file, and we’ll take care of the printing and application process on transparent vinyl. Don’t have a design yet? No worries! Our talented graphic artists are on standby, ready to create a decal that perfectly matches your brand and budget. With our help, your vehicle will make a distinct and impactful statement wherever it goes.

Keep Your Ad Content Current

At Cruz Signs, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your business signage and advertising stay current with our premium South Florida vehicle decals.

vinyl vehicle graphic installation

Our selection includes cost-effective, removable, opaque vehicle decals available in various shapes and sizes. Designed for durability and visual appeal, these decals are perfect for fulfilling short-term promotional needs.

We understand the challenges businesses face when updating mobile graphics. The thought of removing and readjusting decals can seem daunting. However, fear not! The process is swift and seamless with Cruz Signs‘s expert team and our high-quality decals. Crafted to adhere smoothly without causing damage to your vehicle’s glass or paint, our decals leave behind no messy residue, ensuring a quick and clean transformation for your vehicle’s appearance.

Full-Service Sign Company

At Cruz Signs, we’re the South Florida experts in vehicle decals and graphics. Crafting top-of-the-line vehicle graphics is our passion, and we’re dedicated to guiding you through the entire sign-making process.

custom vehicle graphic installation

You can trust our team. Like a well-oiled machine, we have project managers to keep things organized, artists to bring your ideas to life, expert printers to ensure top quality, decal specialists to perfect the application, and supportive staff to ensure complete satisfaction.

With our skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment, your mobile graphics are in capable hands! We’re excited to create durable, impactful, professional vehicle decals tailored to your business needs.

All we need from you is your vision of how you want your graphics to look, and we’ll handle the rest with precision and expertise!

Free Vehicle Decals Consultation

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If you’re intrigued by our services but unsure where to start, fear not – Cruz Signs is here to lend a helping hand. Let’s team up to elevate your business with the perfect vehicle decal. We’ll begin by diving into your vision for a mobile graphics design, and from there, we’ll take care of all the details.

When it comes to the finest South Florida vehicle decals in town, you know exactly where to turn!

Call Cruz Signs today at (305) 709-4982 for your Free Consultation with a South Florida Vehicle Decal expert!