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South Florida Vehicle Graphics


Do you use vehicles in your business operations? Why not incorporate them into your marketing strategy by adorning them with vehicle graphics?

Custom vehicle graphicsCruz Signs can assist you in designing these vehicle graphics and ensuring their installation in a manner that guarantees they won’t go unnoticed.

Our South Florida vehicle graphics are tailored to your brand and your fleet. Whether you aim to inform people about your offerings or share your brandโ€™s narrative, our skilled graphics specialists can bring your vision to life with customized designs. These graphics are produced in-house, ensuring swift deployment without compromising quality or efficacy.

Cruz Signs can harmonize your vehicle graphics with your existing displays. Simply convey your preferences to our specialists, and we’ll kickstart your marketing strategy with our impactful vehicle graphics.

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Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps

Looking to make the most of your vehicle’s exterior space? Our South Florida vehicle graphics can cover either the entire vehicle or specific sections, effectively showcasing any content you desire. Whether you prefer a simple design to highlight key business information or a more intricate one, our team can customize the graphics to reflect your brand’s identity and objectives.

Crafted in-house, our full and partial vehicle wraps utilize industry-grade vinyl renowned for its reliability and durability. Moreover, they are easily removable and replaceable without incurring substantial costs. For businesses with large fleets, we ensure consistency across vehicle graphics, maintaining alignment with your branding. Additionally, we provide maintenance and repair services for your wraps as needed!

custom vehicle graphics

Full Vehicle Wraps

For full vehicle wraps, Cruz Signs will sit down with you to identify the best way to design them according to your needs. We will also consider the type of vehicle you use when creating your wraps, allowing us to determine which elements should appear in specific sections of your vehicle to achieve your desired effect. Our company can work on vehicles of any type and size, flawlessly installing your full vehicle wraps without leaving any imperfections.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

If you don’t believe a full vehicle wrap is the best fit for your marketing ideas, you may benefit from personalized partial wraps for your fleet.

Partial vehicle wraps can be installed in specific areas of your vehicle, such as the doors, hood, or roof, based on your preferences. Cruz Signs can design these wraps to seamlessly blend with the rest of your vehicle while containing all the elements necessary to convey your brand’s message. If you require assistance with removing or repairing certain parts of your vehicle wraps, please let us know

High-Quality Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

Some businesses may not fully benefit from vehicle wraps due to their marketing goals, budget constraints, or fleet size. Fortunately, an alternative exists in the form of vehicle graphics, magnets, and cut lettering.

Our team of South Florida vehicle graphics experts can assist you in selecting the best graphics to suit your needs, personalizing them with your brand design and information. Whether you choose graphics, magnets, or lettering, we utilize the same high-quality vinyl used for our vehicle wraps. Additionally, each product undergoes thorough quality checks before delivery and installation on your vehicle.

We can also design your South Florida vehicle graphics to match your other business graphics, helping you stay consistent with your branding and messaging.

Vehicle Lettering and Cut Graphics

Do you want to design your vehicleโ€™s display setup without limiting yourself to one specific area? Vehicle lettering and cut graphics may be the answer.

custom full vehicle wrap

These pieces are individually made from vinyl โ€” whether they are letters, numbers, symbols, or other related imagery โ€” and then installed in the vehicle based on a larger design. The larger design can include your businessโ€™ name, logo, slogan, or details, and if placed in the right location on your vehicle, it can help people become familiar with your brand.

We also design these vehicle lettering and graphics with practicality in mind. Even if you use a unique setup to design your vehicle with vehicle lettering or graphics, we will ensure that it follows legal guidelines so your business will not be fined for your display. You can also trust us to repair or replace individual letters or graphics without removing the rest of the graphics.

Vehicle Magnets

If you use your vehicles for personal use or work in areas where promotional or marketing displays are not allowed, vehicle magnets may be your best friend.

As the name suggests, these vehicle graphics come with a magnet backing. You can effortlessly stick the magnet to your vehicle when you use it for business operations. Once you are done or approaching restricted areas, you can easily remove the magnet and store it inside your vehicle. You can even be creative in deciding where to place these magnets and not have to worry about them leaving marks on your vehicle or falling off.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom partial car wrap

When it comes to helping your business promote its bottom line and piquing people’s curiosity about your offerings, Cruz Signs is always ready to assist you in achieving your goals through our signage and graphics services.

When you contact our South Florida sign and graphics company, you donโ€™t have to worry about your ideas not being translated into effective vehicle graphics for your business. Our team can handle every step of the project, using your ideas and preferences as our guide.

custom design and manufacturing

Our personalized service also enables us to maintain affordable prices while ensuring consistent quality whenever you engage our services. We take the time to understand you and your business, refining the design to perfection and ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs.

Aside from doing your requested graphics in-house with the latest equipment and the best materials, we also handle installation and maintenance. There’s no need to contact another company to revamp your business displays!

Free Vehicle Graphics Consultation

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Your commercial vehicles can serve additional roles for your business with the application of the right tools to transform them. Through our expertly crafted vehicle graphics, you can expand your brand’s visibility and introduce more people to your brand. You can also rely on our South Florida sign and graphics company to guide you toward enhancing your marketing strategy with the appropriate signage and graphics.

Want to learn more about our services? Donโ€™t hesitate to give us a call. Weโ€™ll be ready to answer your questions and get started in creating the perfect vehicle graphic for your business.

Call Cruz Signs today at (305) 709-4982 for your Free Consultation with a South Florida Vehicle Graphic expert!