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Vehicle Lettering
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South Florida Vehicle Lettering


Are you looking for a way to boost your branding with the help of your commercial vehicle but don’t want to invest in wrapping it? Cruz Signs offers personalized South Florida vehicle lettering services that may solve your problem!

custom vinyl vehicle lettering

Vehicle lettering involves simple vinyl graphics installed anywhere in your vehicle to display the information you want people to see. Whether you want to inform others that your vehicle is used for your business or showcase your licenses, you can get vehicle lettering that spells out these details while showcasing your branding. What’s also great about vehicle lettering is that it can be produced quickly and is very affordable to request.

Our South Florida sign and graphics company specializes in personalized signs and graphics, providing comprehensive services that guide clients throughout their projects. You can rely on us to help you maximize your investment in vehicle lettering and create a positive difference in how people perceive your brand.

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Promotional Vehicle Lettering

One of the benefits of having vehicle lettering on your commercial vehicle is the ability to promote it to a wider audience while your vehicle is in use. Wherever your vehicle goes, people will become familiar with your business upon seeing the custom vinyl lettering installed on it. These letterings can promote your business name, contact information, and more.

promotional vehicle lettering

You can take it a step further by theming the vinyl lettering to match your brand, making it more effective in creating the perfect brand impression. Our team of graphic designers is ready to personalize your promotional vehicle lettering based on your ideas, no matter how simple or complex they may be. You can also rely on our team to update your existing designs, making them more effective and suitable for your vehicle.

Cruz Signs uses high-quality vinyl for these vehicle letterings because it is fade-proof and durable. Since these letterings are made with individual pieces, they may be damaged upon delivery. In such cases, we can easily replace them without removing the rest of the display, and it won’t cost you a lot.

Business Identification & DOT #

DOT information

Aside from helping you promote your business, customized South Florida vehicle lettering can also serve to display your business identification details and DOT# (Department of Transportation number). States like Florida require businesses and companies to include these key indicators on their vehicles before they can be used for operations.

At Cruz Signs, we are prepared to assist you in creating these vehicle letterings and installing them in the appropriate locations to comply with state standards. We will design them to be easily readable from any angle and ensure flawless installation to prevent easy removal from your vehicle.

Full-Service Sign Company

No matter what kind of business you are, it is important to invest in the right displays that will help your business stand out from the rest. Cruz Signs is here to assist you in finding the perfect displays, whether for your space or your vehicles.

custom vehicle graphic installation

Since our inception in the industry, we have aimed to help businesses of all sizes and industries access high-quality branded signs and graphics to achieve their business goals. We achieve this aim by offering comprehensive sign and graphics services to each client, tailored to their specific preferences, and fulfilling their requests in-house.

Every South Florida vehicle lettering request we handle starts with a free consultation. During this time, one of our talented graphics experts will sit down with you to discuss your business needs and your ideas for your request. They will also advise you on how the request can be perfected for your specific needs. A sample design will be provided for consideration, and we will not proceed to the next step until you are satisfied with the design.

Our designers will then hand the sign design to our manufacturing team, making the graphics the right dimensions. We use efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and equipment to fulfill your request. Meanwhile, our installers will prepare your vehicle for installation and ensure no issues with its surface. Once the vehicle lettering passes our quality checks, our installers will get the letterings on your vehicle in no time.

Would you like us to create supporting displays for your business? Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll work with you to create these displays!

Free Vehicle Lettering Consultation

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Never underestimate the power of vehicle lettering. Even if it is simple to look at and designed properly and in the right locations, it can greatly impact your brand and add credibility to your business!

Check out our signage and graphics service today by availing yourself of our free consultation service. Our experts will be here to help you transform your marketing strategy with the help of our personalized graphics!

Call Cruz Signs today at (305) 709-4982 for your Free Consultation with a South Florida Vehicle Lettering specialist!