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South Florida Vehicle Magnets


Do you use your commercial vehicles outside your business operations, or do you work in an area where promotional displays are not permitted, but you would still like to decorate your vehicle with graphics? Whichever situation you find yourself in, you can benefit from vehicle magnets as an alternative to wraps and graphics directly installed on your vehicle’s surface.

car magnet

Cruz Signs can create personalized vehicle magnets that allow you to promote your business without investing in wraps or graphics. These magnets can be installed wherever you want, and they won’t fall off easily.

But that’s not all we offer at Cruz Signs! In addition to personalized South Florida vehicle magnets, we can also pair them with your other vehicle graphics and business displays. With us as your sign and graphics partner, you won’t need to look elsewhere to fulfill your needs.

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Advertise When You Need It

Effective advertising is crucial for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive market. Without the right signs and graphics, companies won’t be able to attract the traffic they need to grow and thrive. However, traditional advertising through signs and graphics installed throughout a space is not always sufficient to reach a business’s target audience.

vehicle magnets and matching yard signs

Mobile advertising through our South Florida vehicle magnets can bridge this gap by reaching a wider audience while your vehicles are on the move. Vehicle magnets, in particular, can transform any vehicle into a mobile billboard that promotes your business while on the go, without the need to invest significant time and money in vehicle wraps. What’s even better about mobile advertising through vehicle magnets is that you can remove them at any time and retain the value of your vehicle should you consider selling it.

Vehicle magnets also provide flexibility in decorating your vehicle’s setup, as you can place them wherever you wish. Additionally, creating new vehicle magnets is very affordable, allowing you to promote new offerings and reuse old ones when promotions end.

Signage Restricted Neighborhoods

Not all neighborhoods permit advertising and marketing activities by businesses within their boundaries, whether through signs or by using branded vehicles.

Vehicle Magnet, Magnetic Car Sign

Even the smallest marketing efforts can result in heavy fines and additional restrictions, potentially barring you from entering the neighborhood for a period of time.

Fortunately, you can bypass this problem using your own South Florida vehicle magnets. You can stick these magnets to your vehicle while away from these neighborhoods, promoting your business while on the go.

When you approach these restricted areas, you can easily remove the vehicle magnets, store them in your vehicle, and proceed to enter the area like any other vehicle.

Full-Service Sign Company

Getting the right signs and graphics to support your business objectives shouldn’t be a hassle. By partnering with a trusted sign and graphics company like Cruz Signs, you can ensure your needs are met while aligning with your branding. At Cruz Signs, we’re committed to delivering comprehensive sign and graphic services that businesses can consistently depend on. Our inclusive service caters to businesses across all industries, accommodating various design requirements and budgets.

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When you engage with our South Florida sign and graphics company, the process begins with a complimentary consultation. One of our graphics specialists will meet with you to understand your needs and the objectives you aim to accomplish. We’ll then provide you with a draft design, keeping your ideas and branding in mind. If there are any adjustments you’d like to make, simply let us know, and we’ll incorporate them before finalizing the design in the appropriate file format for our manufacturing team.

Our skilled manufacturing team will swiftly produce your requested vehicle magnet to the exact specifications using our in-house equipment and premium materials. Before delivery, we conduct thorough quality checks to ensure the product meets our standards. Once approved, we’ll promptly deliver the finished product to you.

Should you require any assistance with your vehicle magnets, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re dedicated to resolving any issues and ensuring your magnets are in pristine condition.

Free Vehicle Magnet Consultation

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You don’t need to invest in a second commercial vehicle to advertise your business. Using your existing vehicle with a personalized magnet is a cost-effective alternative to vehicle wraps. Plus, you can easily remove it whenever you want, eliminating the need for an additional vehicle dedicated to advertising.

Discover how vehicle magnets can benefit your business today by taking advantage of our free consultation service. Once we’ve tailored the design to your specifications, we’ll be ready to address any questions you may have and begin crafting your personalized vehicle magnets. We’re excited to contribute to the growth of your business with our customized solutions!

Call Cruz Signs today at (305) 709-4982 for your Free Consultation with a South Florida Vehicle Magnet expert!